Procedure for Assessing Awareness & Adjustment (Cost £17)

It is common for an individual with brain injury to have a distorted view of his deficits after the injury. And yet awareness and adjustment are both critical for a good recovery.

Often, when therapists attempt to treat awareness problems, they are met with resistance and negativity. In our Procedure for Assessing Awareness & Adjustment, we provide a fine-tuned model of addressing awareness problems that maintains respect and understanding towards the individual. This 56-page book includes:

  1. In-depth descriptions of each level of awareness
  2. Specific interview steps and guidance for a conversational assessment
  3. Tools to help educate the individual
  4. Worksheets to summarize and analyze data
  5. Visual guides to aid comprehension
  6. Prediction of recovery models so that short- and long-term goals can be set

This easy-to-read guide provides a comprehensive model of gently directing the individual towards progressively higher levels of awareness and adjustment. Instead of focusing on an end result, we focus on a continual journey that is tailored to each individual. There is no other product on the market that provides this type of in-depth procedure for dealing with awareness!

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