Brannagan Executive Assessment (Cost £17)

Executive deficits are commonly found in individuals with brain injury and can have a profound effect on recovery and quality of life. However, it can be difficult to accurately measure executive deficits. Individuals with brain injury can “talk a good story” during therapy sessions and have no awareness of their problems.

Standardized assessments rarely measure how well an individual will do in real life. They rarely evaluate the self-awareness that is critical for recovery. And they rarely provide the flexibility required to determine an individual’s specific needs. 

The Brannagan Executive Functions Assessment provides a real-life assessment of executive functions that is adaptable to the individual. Although this tool has not been clinically tested for reliability and validity, it offers a unique and time-tested method of assessment.

What makes our assessment tool different?

  1. It provides definitions of executive function skills, so that all parties share equal understanding of each problem.
  2. It tests an individual’s ability to cope with real life situations such as planning a party or travel, using logic and reasoning to complete a job, or using self-control in a social situation.
  3. It highlights meta-cognition—the self-awareness and self-regulation critical for recovery. 
  4. It provides standardized marking sheets so that specific skill sets can be accurately measured and goals can be created.

What is important in the Brannagan Executive Functions Assessment is not a one-time score or a black and white value, but the journey that the individual takes while completing a task. We hope you find it as useful as we have!

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