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Distance Learning Course in Cognitive Rehabilitation

  • Thank you very much! The course is useful and fruitful. Thank you for the support all along. The course content is very helpful in my clinical practice with patients with psychiatric problems
  • I feel the course has built my knowledge and skills in cognitive rehabilitation. I have valued the opportunity to build materials that I can use in my work. I think the response time for the assignments is absolutely amazing! So quick! It has given me new ideas and ways of working with my patients and good understanding behind assessments/therapy plans
  • A big thank you for guiding me through this course and all your help. I really enjoyed this course, what a huge help it has been in my workplace. I now understand about brain injuries and I am really happy that I have completed this (actually quite sad, as I enjoyed it also). This course means that I can help my clients more now
  • Thank you for supporting me through this training, I really enjoyed it
  • Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and most importantly guidance. I have really enjoyed working through the course with my clients and would certainly recommend it to others
  • This highly practical course is an excellent introduction to cognitive rehabilitation therapy after brain injury. Each module is separate and yet they build together nicely to give a comprehensive overview of the main issues faced by brain injury patients and how therapists can address them. The course is hard work, but Kit Malia guides you through it with a perfect blend of constructive appraisal and positive feedback. I really cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience
  • I have really enjoyed the course and I have broadened my knowledge around brain injury hugely. I have particularly appreciated the effort you put into evaluating my work - pushing me to get it right in the early modules made what followed much easier
  • I completed the Braintree Cognitive rehabilitation Training over the last two years. I initially intended on only taking a year to complete it however working part-time and with an increasing caseload this was just impossible to do. I came into my new job with a lot of neuro experience but no cognitive rehabilitation experience at all so it was all completely new to me. I found the course easy to follow and very informative - each assignment is relatively short so I could fit them in and around work whenever I had a spare half hour. As the course progresses it gets easier as the format for each module is pretty much the same and once you have the knowledge base it is all about applying this to practice and using client examples. Assignments are sent by email and marked really quickly with feedback given when appropriate so I was never left feeling like I was waiting around before I could move on to the next assignment. I preferred to get each assignment marked before moving on, just to make sure I was on the right track and so I could use any feedback to inform my next assignment. The content was interesting and presented in a relatively simple and easy to follow way, with good examples. It really helped me to understand the complexities of cognitive rehab and how difficulties in the different areas of cognition could impact my clients. It also gave me a framework to work in, which could be explained to clients to help them understand what we were doing and why. I would absolutely recommend the course to anyone who works with clients with brain injury and am confident that I will continue to refer back to the course content throughout my career to develop my knowledge and skills.
  • I felt I had a good understanding of cognitive impairment but this course really heightened my knowledge. Prior to commencing I thought the assignments would be quick and straightforward (hence the hash of a first attempt). They were far more involved than I anticipated but this was good for my learning as it really made me consider and work through my answers. The feedback came back quickly. It was constructive which helped to direct my learning and future assignments. I found the majority of the feedback hugely motivating and encouraging. I set a time frame for completion (I work better with deadlines!); without this I am not sure I would have finished the course. The organisation of the course was logical and straightforward. I have client contact in my working week so I could think of examples/ create examples. This really helped to complete a lot of the assignments. My only real issue were the rating scale assignments. They were lengthy, and I found producing 5 challenging (maybe 3 would have been a good amount); however I completed them and gained from the experience. Overall an incredibly rewarding learning experience; one that I enjoyed. I am already making good use of the knowledge in my clinical practice, and it has given me a real confidence with the subject matter (with colleagues and clients).
  • I have enjoyed it!
  • I found it to be a very good, well structured course.... a lot more practical and useable than the majority of courses etc that I have done
  • Thank you very much, I struggled at first but then when I sat down and remembered the How to do Cognitive Rehabilitation books which we had already purchased and read them, it all fell in to place, I have really enjoyed doing the course work, my favourite section was the visual processing. I got a lot from that one and learnt more from that section, which I thank you for. I have already started to make the changes with the people I support and for that knowledge and confidence to make positive changes I thank you again. It is strange, I feel a bit lost now that I have no course work to complete.
  • Thanks for the feedback along the way - I found having to apply the information to actual cases was the most helpful and nice validation for me in how I am managing my clients. Will continue to use these resources well. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive program!
  • I found this course extremely helpful, though a lot of work - which was necessary! I like that it forced me into actually thinking about my caseload versus just reading information and not integrating it into practice.
  • I thought I would email you with feedback from myself surrounding the Braintree course, in 2 words "LOVED IT!!!!!" I had so many eureka moments about the guys I support it was unbelievable, May I say that the feedback I received was both speedy and beneficial, when I did get things wrong Kit guided me and persevered with my questions, I found it much easier sending in an assignment at a time rather than a full module as then if I was not on the right track I could put myself back on it. And we had a laugh along the way. I want to thank my employers for putting me on the course as the knowledge I have now will benefit the guys we support massively and I cannot wait to spread my knowledge through the team to enable them a better understanding of the guys we support And a big thanks to Kit, your knowledge astounds me, I think the course contents were explained very well and I did not feel overwhelmed by big words and even bigger explanations, the illustrations were great and this gives the reader a break oh and chance to smile and think "yeah I know someone just like that"
  • I found the course extremely helpful with the way I do my job everyday. It has taught me to look at the whole person and to look at each area where there may be problems, as the problem may not lay in the area they first appear, e.g. what appears to be an information processing problem may indeed be an attention problem. As my role has become more goal focused this course has helped me focus those goals and make them achievable and measurable to give the client the most success. My golden moments are when I get the opportunity to share those successes with the clients that work so hard to get back to the best they can possibly be. Keep up the good work.
  • I feel it has been a greatly beneficial training tool. I think the benefit of this is that I will be able to refer back to the literature and assignments when required. I also believe that the information learnt will stay with me longer, as I have read it and made relevant links to my own patients and practice, rather than been taught this in a class based environment where you can often switch off depending on the time of day. I am unsure of the resources you receive by completing the two day course, but I am sure the learning pack will be much more comprehensive. The feedback is quick, appropriate and it has helped me develop my professional skills and writing style. Suggestions and feedback were given in a supportive manner and always constructive. Thanks again for your help and support over the course and I will hopefully have an opportunity to meet you or attend one of your courses in the future.
  • I wish to tell you that your distance learning course in cognitive rehabilitation has been very useful for me with my patients; it is practical and very well structured and it definitely let me discover everyday the true meaning of brain injury, cognition and rehabilitation
  • The things that you explore and discuss make so much sense and are so practical. I described your course to some colleagues the other day, some trainers often mystify the none mystical, your course demystifies the very intangible things in life. It is extremely refreshing and inspiring! I feel I am improving my practice already.
  • I am writing to inform you that I have finished the Cognitive Rehabilitation Distance Learning Course. It was a very useful course, indeed. I believe its most important asset is that all the materials included practical guidelines and not just theory. Also, maybe it would be useful for you to know that, despite the fact I mainly work with patients suffering from dementia, I have already successfully integrated many of your suggestions in my everyday clinical practice.
  • I feel my understanding of cognition has significantly developed and my practice improved alot over the past year thanks to this course.
  • The distance based cognitive rehabilitation course is the best tool I have ever found in my professional practice; I simply cannot think in a different way.
  • When I thought to acquire this distance learning course, my expectations were high; now that I have completed it, I can guarantee it was the best choice for me. It is an excellent course that keeps you motivated all along and shows you -not only about cognition and rehabilitation- but also about functioning, structure, practice, evaluation, emotions, everyday life and more. I cannot think now as before taking this course; I am a new therapist, more conscious and creative; I am sure I will keep looking for more, to give my patients the best of myself -they deserve it- with no doubt. I have really enjoyed this course and I want to thank you for your patience, knowledge and all the comments and advices you have shared with me. I will miss my distance learning course!!
  • The course is amazing and it is wonderful to work through the self tests and modules to revisit and apply new updated knowledge and thinking
  • Although I have found this hard work, I have enjoyed working through the modules and your guidance, encouragement, support and help has been fantastic and a real motivator
  • The course was very useful and underlines lots of things which have to take place during rehabilitation therapy. What I liked most is the practical way you propose for the patients and the well structured path through which the specific goals and techniques are adopted. The holistic option of the program is also very important, because brain exercises have to be accompanied with what the patient needs in his life and his priorities...that is a basic part of their therapy... Despite that, the program gives extra motivation to the patients attendants in order to continue their interest and for rehabilitation care, which is something unique! Hope we could have here in Greece such opportunities to work, make researches and help the patients.. What I hope for the future and think that I will achieve it , is to take part to your workshops! This will be a very interesting experience after the course!
  • I have had the pleasure of following the distance courses that Kit created for Brain Tree Training. The materials show a high degree of expertise on the subject of brain injury and for me were the first truly practical for implementation with clients. A definite must for anyone working with people with brain injuries.
  • As a cognitive rehabilitation therapist, I have had the great pleasure to meet Kit Malia in person while attending a number of his seminars, which I highly recommend to anyone in the traumatic brain injury field. His manner of presenting the topics in an engaging and interesting yet clear and informative way encouraged me to go on and complete his online brain injury certificate programme (BrainTree). I found the topics in this programme, covering all cognitive domains, intellectually challenging and stimulating. His timely feedback for my submitted assignments was always constructive, and motivating. The added benefit of flexibility in this programme allowed me to complete the modules and assignments within a reasonable time-frame despite working full-time and beginning graduate studies in an Msc programme (Clinical Applications of Psychology). Having completed the BrainTree course, I feel that I have become a much better cognitive rehabilitation therapist as it has provided me with the needed knowledge, skills, and conceptual foundation from which to work. I would whole-heartedly recommend this unique and comprehensive programme to anyone who is pursuing professional development in this field.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation is very complex and multi-faceted yet you somehow manage to explain issues relating to it in such a practical way in your courses and books that they can be easily understood. I draw a lot on your material when I explain cognitive rehabilitation to my students or junior staff members and can see the benefit. A few of them have since attended courses in Gatwick and loved it
  • I have found the completion of the modules very useful even though it has taken me quite some time from originally enrolling in the course to actually getting round to completing them
  • Your program is very well structured and very tutorial

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