Course Notes (Cost £6.60 each )

Although we'd prefer to see you in person at our training sessions, we understand that this isn't always possible. You are a busy professional with a tight schedule. But no worries—you can still benefit from our course materials on your own time.

The Course Notes that accompany our training sessions are available for those who are interested in furthering their education in brain injury, but are not able to attend. Since each set of notes includes practical guidance, in-depth information, specific examples, and references to current research—our Course Notes stand alone as a great educational tool!

If you are a busy caregiver who cannot leave your family at this time, consider our Course Notes on the Cognitive Rehabilitation Workshop for Carers.

If you are a busy brain injury professional who cannot take the time away from work, consider our Course Notes on the Cognitive Rehabilitation Workshop for Professionals or the Cognitive Rehabilitation Workshop for Physiotherapists.

If you are interested in specific “How To” guidance for cognitive rehabilitation, or want to further your education about problems with information processing, attention, behaviour, or awareness—we offer Course Notes that specifically address these topics.

Or consider taking them all as an excellent way to advance your knowledge on your own time. Our Course Notes offer tips and guidance that aren’t covered in our other products, and are excellent resources for anyone working with brain injured individuals.

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