Distance Learning Course in Cognitive Rehabilitation for Carers
(Cost £252.50 for whole package, or £50.50 per module)

The brain, and the complex problems that occur when it is injured, can be difficult concepts to grasp. Individuals with brain injuries can be challenging to live and work with, especially when the caregiver has not been educated about the physical, behavioural, and cognitive problems that often occur.

Our six-module set of Distance Learning Courses addresses this need by providing in-depth, easy-to-read educational materials for carers. The first course provides a basic background in brain anatomy and how it works. It then gives specific examples, templates, strategies, and applications of cognitive rehabilitation—providing the carer with concrete, comprehensive tools for providing rehabilitation.

The  modules address specific problems of attention, executive functions, memory, visual processing, and information processing. Each module in our Distance Learning Courses provides additional benefits:

  1. Complex concepts are clearly illustrated in the graphics and charts
  2. Key terms, ideas, and useful tips are highlighted
  3. Additional resources are provided throughout the course

Our courses are self-guided and can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a year to complete. Many people average just 2-3 hours a week on each course, and adjust the amount of study time as needed. Assignments, exercises, and self-tests are included throughout the coursework—some of which are mailed or emailed to a course tutor for feedback.

It’s easy to educate yourself about the complex nature of brain injury. Work at your own pace and in your own home, all while receiving the benefit of an in-depth education with professional tutoring.

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