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OK We’ll Do It! is the title of a series of training video podcasts designed specifically for your needs.

Are you a VIP? We have all experienced these feelings; the feelings of:

  • Not having enough time to do our job
  • Not having enough resources to do our job
  • Uncertainty about whether we have done everything that we can

We work at facilitating the person who has sustained brain injury to develop a good quality of life. This is one of the most challenging and demanding roles that exists - guiding a person to find out who they are now, helping them create a NEW SENSE OF SELF.

You are Gods and Goddesses in this role….

You are a Very Important Person (VIP) already!

Could you do with more help?

  • To improve your treatments?
  • To maximise patient achievements and feelings of success?
  • To optimise the limited time and resources that you have?
  • To gain practical easy to use techniques for assessment and treatment?
  • To master the field of neurological rehabilitation?

Do you see yourself as…

  • A person who has curiosity?
  • A therapist who wants to improve the quality of life for your patient?
  • An innovator?
  • A lifelong learner?
  • Someone who works hard to achieve the best they can?

Would you like to have all of this?

  • 20 minute TED style MASTER CLASSES in a variety of practical topics
  • The opportunity to watch the episodes as many times as you like
  • A method of ensuring you have understood the information
  • Suggestions for using the learning directly with patients to improve the EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS of your assessment and treatments
  • Lots of easy to apply PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS that work
  • FUN, happiness and laughter whilst you learn
  • To learn at least one thing in each episode that you probably never knew before
  • To be given a STRUCTURED APPROACH to your assessments and treatments
  • To feel that you REALLY KNOW what you are doing
  • To see your patients lives improve
  • To feel less pressured for time
  • To feel supported as you learn and apply the learning
  • To feel excited and stimulated in your learning
  • To learn directly relevant practical information (as opposed to theoretical)
  • To have an easy way to do your CPD
  • To have time fly by easily when you are learning

Because that is what being a VIP with Brain Tree Training is all about.

We have called the series: OK, We’ll Do It! because what we give you is a






learning experience that you will be asked to try out in your work.

We want to hear you say: ‘OK, We’ll Do It!’

In our experience this will work to shift the patient forward on their journey to a new sense of self.

But you are not to take our word for it - just give it a go - hence the title.

We are so confident that this will work that we offer a money back guarantee.

We are CHALLENGING you and DARING you to do it!

Do you believe us?

We have been training therapists for over 20 years and have a combined practical expertise of more than 60 years, as therapists working with people who have neurological injuries.

So we ought to be good!

People seem to think so…….

“I have helped so many patient with the tips your courses provided”

“Thank you for the excellent courses you run. In the 23 years I have worked as an OT your courses are by far the most impacting on making a change to my working practice and that of my colleagues"

“Not only was the course content and teaching great. But, the lessons learnt and solidified through this and the many courses I have been fortunate to attend with you guys has made my working life, treatment, assessments, team dynamics and family life dramatically better with the wider understanding and practical knowledge gained from you both”

"Thank you for your course it was amazing and changed my perception re the rehabilitation process”

“This was one of the best presentations I have attended (the other being the Cognitive Rehabilitation Workshop). The information was thorough, presented effectively and backed up by practical useable strategies and by the most engaging presenters I have heard”

“Absolutely amazing. Evidenced based but presented in practical useful ways”

“Fantastic course. I have learnt so so much! I feel reenergised and excited to work with my clients!”

“We love coming on your courses. You are so motivating and your presentation skills are excellent. You pitch the subject matter just right”

You can check out all the 900+ comments here:

In addition we have already done the following for many of you…..

  • Provided excellent and rapid support via email (usually replies are within hours)
  • Provided free evidence base updates on our website
  • Ensured our prices are affordable
  • Provided free course places on our workshops to help individuals

    We are fun, and have fun!
    We are structured
    We are practical
    We support evidence based guidelines
    We have done it ourselves, so we know what we are talking about

Many of you have probably attended at least one of our training courses, or used our materials already. We hope we have given you something valuable?

So how does it work?

Once you sign up, a new video podcast is released to you each week for the next 12 weeks. This allows you to spend time applying the practical actionable points from each episode before building on this with the next episode.

There are an average of 7 actionable tips per episode

A certificate is obtained to demonstrate learning by answering a series of questions about the information in the episode.

You can watch each episode as many times as you like - forever. You download them. You own them.

Each episode is between 14 to 20 minutes in duration, meaning that you can watch them easily during a break time.

They are FUN - this is not simply EDUCATION, it is EDU-TAINMENT!

Each episode also contains suggestions for you to consider with your team with regard to service development and quality.

What are the titles of the first 12 episodes?

  1. Help me to understand cognition
  2. What can I do if I only have 6 weeks, or less?
  3. How to assess for cognitive problems
  4. How do I deal with an angry patient?
  5. How do I deal with a patient who has no insight?
  6. Understanding the patients’ journey to a new sense of self
  7. SMART goals made easy
  8. How to develop heroic qualities in your patients using gaming
  9. How do I deal with a patient who does not want to participate?
  10. How to help a patient become more mindful
  11. Teaching strategies effectively
  12. What is the point of treatment plans?

These episodes combine to help you gain MASTERY in the field of neurological rehabilitation and to EMPOWER you to make a difference to the lives of your patients and families.

Still not convinced?

Check out this video - it tells you some stuff you may enjoy knowing:

Now check out this video - it shows you what you will be getting:

If you don’t like it, then it’s not for you. Let go and move on….

On the other hand if you do like the look of this….







Then sign up, because….

This offer is initially only available to the first 1000 subscribers and you are one of the first people to be told about this - you have the first option.

Don’t miss out. You won’t regret it


And remember if you do not learn something that you can use to help your patients move to a better sense of self, we will refund your money to you!

money back guarantee
Simply tell us why you have not learned anything useful so that we can adjust and learn from your needs

How much is it?

The normal price for a single user licence is £360, but a special rate is available to the first 100 subscribers at only £100

Don’t miss this bargain offer. Sign up now!

And because you are one of the first of a select group of people to be told about this, if you do miss that bargain price for the first 100 people to sign up, you can still sign up for £120

But remember, there are a limited number of places for this series. It is only available to 1000 subscribers. Be one of the first to grab it at this massive 66% discount! That is only £10 per episode/per month!

If you want to use this to train staff or to share with others, please note that you will be infringing copyright unless you purchase a copy for each person. But, why would you not do that anyway, because it is cheap and the only way of receiving a certificate is to own a copy (certificates can only be obtained for the named person)

Compare this cost to a normal one or two day course, add the travel and subsistence onto that, + the time away from work, and you can see this is a real bargain.

Remember these video podcasts provide practical things to apply immediately with your patients, along with suggestions on how to improve the quality of your rehabilitation. You will be empowered to help your patients move forwards on their journey to a new sense of self.


What do people think who have been involved in the development of these video podcasts?


“Time just flew by”


“I have learned something from every episode”


“Very practical and useful work which I will definitely use with my patients”


“What a fun way to learn”


“The difficult and complex subjects are broken down into a manageable structure so that I have a much better understanding than I did before”


“Stimulating and yet easy to learn from these episodes”

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