Hero's Journey (Cost £18.99)

Group education and therapy is highly constructive for individuals with brain injury. The benefits of camaraderie and shared experiences are unmatched compared to any other form of therapy.

Organizing a group session, or even pulling together family members, can be challenging enough. But then, what do you talk about? How can you organize the session so that each person participates? How can you lead individuals on their journey to acceptance, adaptation, and recovery?

Hero's Journey provides such a curriculum. With 51 stories that offer a light-hearted approach to key concepts, our books use analogies, similes, and images to help guide each brain injury hero on their journey. The stories present complex ideas in an easy-to-understand, quick-to-administer, fun-to-follow manner.

Our guide is meant for groups, families, and individuals who need a little structure when dealing with the specific problems in brain injury. Each story ends with a task to ensure that each concept is understood before progressing onto the next. After completing the curriculum, each story can then be revisited as needed.

We have found much success with Hero's Journey and many others have reported a positive response. If you need a tool to help your patients gain insight and awareness, look no further than Hero's Journey

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