We have made our face to face training workshops available as webcasts in BrainTreeTraining@Home. Watch the introduction video here:


  • The idea behind BrainTreeTraining@Home is that you can still complete your training needs without having to attend a physical location with other people

  • The information presented is the same as on the face to face workshops, minus the interaction which is possible only in a face to face situation

  • The cost includes the course notes sent to you via email when you purchase the webcast

  • The cost is cheaper than the face to face training courses

  • As an added bonus you will receive vouchers for 25% off relevant products for most of the webcasts

  • You can email us afterwards if you have any specific questions or need for clarification

  • At the end of the webcast you will have a Reflective Practice form to complete. Upon completion a certificate will be emailed to you for your training folder

  • You can comfortably fit the webcast into your schedule wherever you are in the world due to the following features:

    • Join and watch the whole webcast at any point during the date of the broadcast - so you do not need to log in at a particular time
    • Pause the webcast whenever you want to and return to it later
    • Jump forwards or backwards in the webcast whenever you want to
    • Watch the webcast as many times as you like during the broadcast
    • Wherever you are in the world you will have access to the webcast for the full 24 hours of the date advertised, in your local time
    • The actual broadcast lasts for 48 hours, starting at noon (UK time) on the day before the date advertised and ending at noon (UK time) on the day after the date advertised. This is so that you can spread your viewing across 2 or 3 days (depending on your location in the world); Use this chart to calculate the equivalent times if you are not based in the UK: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/


  • The duration and timings of the various sections of the webcast are provided as a programme to enable you to organise your viewing

  • No need for any special equipment or apps. Simply register on the day of the broadcast, with the link provided to you when you purchase the webcast, and you are all set

  • Join the webcast on your phone, tablet or computer

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